Thursday, May 31, 2012

Websites to Check Out

Here are a few websites that you should check out right now... what are you waiting for... go... now... you'll thank me later....

Lutheran Hymn Revival


Lutheran Public Radio

and of course Esgetology

Friday, May 25, 2012

Baptismal Hymn

Just today I finished writing the hymn for my sweet little girl. I have written a few hymns (none of which are probably worth anything) and I have noticed that writing a doxology stanza seems to be the most difficult writing that I do. Maybe it is because the content of that stanza is so very specific, or maybe I am just not very good at writing. Either way, I find it a real challenge. I powered through it, and now the editing process begins...

Here is stanza 1 as it is right now:

Sin infects me. Since my first days,
Even since my conception,
Sin has driven my thoughts and ways,
And I am fully corrupted.

My view of life is always curved
Inward, and I only think
About myself -what I’ve deserved-
Without a care for anyone.

So much has sin corrupted me
That my eyes are now blind
To the awful reality
That what I deserve is death.

"Dad is Great..."

Preparation for fatherhood...